Discipleship is just a fancy word that means learning what it looks like to become a more committed follower of Jesus and putting it to practice. Wesley Discipleship offers students a way to deepen their faith on a more personal level. It is one-on-one discipleship where students meet weekly with an assigned student leader to set goals, study scripture and hold each other accountable when necessary.

The discipleship process consists of open and honest talk about life and is an avenue for students to engage in discussions on scripture as well as practical application of it. The aim or goal of discipleship is to experience authentic community while gaining a deeper understanding of God and His love for us. Our hope and prayer for Wesley Discipleship is that it gives students an opportunity to pursue personal growth and transformation so that we can all follow Jesus more closely together.

For more information or to register, please contact Gloria at gloria@okwesley.org or 405.321.6266.