Leadership Opportunities

The Wesley at OU offers students the opportunity to grow in their faith and gain leadership experience in four main ways: catechumen, student internships, apprenticeships and the service team. Each of these groups serve in different ways, but all Wesley leaders sign a covenant agreeing to set an example to the broader Wesley community and campus. Below is a brief description of each group. Click on Descriptions and Covenants to the right for a more detailed description of each group as well as an explanation of how the teams work together. To apply fill out the application and sign the appropriate covenant.


Since the early church, those entering into the Christian community were taught the basics of the faith and church. These individuals were referred to as catechumen, which translates from Greek as “those who are being taught.” We are continuing and reshaping that tradition with students who have shown an interest in becoming leaders within the Wesley.  Students participate in a book  discussion group as well as learn about all the programs at the Wesley and how the Wesley works within the United Methodist Church.  

Service Team

The Wesley recognizes the importance of laity and non-vocational servant leaders for the church. Students on the service team are guided and nurtured in their calling and their lives. This gives them a space to explore and benefit our community. These students serve in various ways such as lay leaders in worship, communications, event planning, landscaping and custodial work, praise band, etc.


Our Apprenticeship program is for student leaders who specifically feel called to help lead Family Groups and to make a larger time commitment to developing their personal spiritual lives. These students have expressed an interest and have been identified by the staff as someone who might be an intern in the future. 

Student Internship

Student Interns help lead a Family Group and meet regularly one on one with the students in their group. They will also meet regularly for one on one discipleship with a full-time staff member and participate in the weekly Kingdom course for the entire ministry staff.