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One of the primary roles of The Wesley staff is mentoring students. The Wesley staff serves as counselors in times of spiritual and physical needs, provides direction for students making life decisions and gives support for students in crisis.  This ministry within the ministry spends countless hours every week providing pastoral care.

The growth of The Wesley during the past few years has manifested into the need for increased staff. However the Methodist Conference (the governing body of the Church) has not been able to increase its financial support for several years. Regardless the needs of the students have not diminished, requiring the Wesley to increase staff to ensure that students receive the mentoring and  personal ministry needed during this transitional time in their lives.

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Wesley Scholarship Fund: Two types of scholarships are given to Wesley students in financial need. Retreat or mission trip scholarships are given at the discretion of the director, and academic scholarships are awarded by a scholarship committee.

•  Our goal is to raise $150,000 and endow ten yearly half scholarships for international mission trips totaling $7,500 annually.

Wesley General Endowment Fund: This fund was established by Mrs. Myrtle Cozart Moore “to serve students.” These funds are for expenses that don’t fall within the Wesley’s operating budget. One recent example was paying for The Wesley magazine that shares the message about how lives are being changed by our ministry.

• Our goal is to raise $300,000 and endow the Wesley director’s housing allowance at $15,000 annually.

Wesley Facilities & Maintenance Fund: These funds are used for building and facility maintenance and upkeep. Recently, these funds were used to pay for new windows that improved both energy efficiency and building ambiance thru improved lighting.

• Our goal is to raise $200,000 for this fund and provide  $10,000 worth of new updates to the building  annually.

If you are interested in joining us in this extraordinary opportunity, contact Rev. Daniel Dennison, Director of The Wesley, for more information.What is the future of the Wesley

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