Why We Are Building the Future

As we celebrate 90 years of ministry on the OU campus, we are excited for all the possibilities to share the Gospel and our Lord to college students for the next 100 years. Towards that effort, our board of directors has unanimously voted to begin a Capital Campaign that would allow desperately needed updates to take place and make The Wesley a modern facility that will appeal to college students for decades to come. 

Your gift will not only impact current students, but it will have an immeasurable impact on an eight-year-old child currently attending his or her local United Methodist Church who has plans to attend OU in 10 years! 

We hope you prayerfully consider joining us in Building the Future so that generations to come will enjoy this place and experience the love of Jesus Christ in a wonderful United Methodist campus ministry.

How we are Building the Future


Building The Future for International Ministry:

During the last ten years we’ve gone from having five international students involved to more than 150! To support this, more staff is needed and an increased staff will need additional office space. This project will result in offices for two full-time International Ministry staff to focus specifically on reaching international students at OU.

Cost: $70,000


Building The Future for Outreach:

Every day, several thousand students walk and drive past The Wesley. Our building sits at the gateway to the campus. Updates to the exterior of the building will modernize our building, including a much-needed outdoor patio for students to gather, study and fellowship. Think of it as an outdoor extension of “The Pit.”

Cost: $70,000


Building the Future for Discipleship:

Now in it’s fourth year, our leadership and internship program has already outgrown its current facilities. Expanded office space is needed to accommodate and continue to grow this ministry. Last year alone, this ministry provided 14 internships that ministered to 175 students. 

Cost: $110,000


Building the Future for Community:

Every day more than 100 students walk through our doors. This project will give us a modern and appealing place for students to gather and build relationships that will impact them for life. The next leader or new disciple will happen because they found a community here. The vast majority of our experience is centered in this space.

Cost: $85,000


Building the Future for Stewardship:

None of these other projects will matter if we can’t protect them with a new roof and surround them with fresh paint, carpet, lighting and landscaping. In addition to our four major projects, we have a list of smaller projects that we need to accomplish in order to freshen the building and preserve it for the next generation of students. 

Cost: $365,000

Be a Part of Building the Future

Our Goal: To complete the capital campaign, provide for construction overages, and keep up with general maintenance, we anticipate a need of $700,000. This includes new construction or renovation of the following areas: International Ministry suite, office suite, front entry, new roof, and gathering/recreational area for students (aka “the pit”).

Your Part: There are many ways you can participate in Building The Future. Click below to make a pledge.

Giving Levels: Gifts will be recognized in a 2018 newsletter. Donors who contribute more than $1,000 will be acknowledged with a plaque on permanent display in “The Pit.” In addition naming rights are available.