On behalf of the entire staff, board of directors, and student body, thank you for your support of our Building the Future capital campaign!

When we launched our campaign on September 5, 2017, none of us could have imagined how the next four months would go. By God’s grace you helped us massively exceed our expectations. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we were able to increase the scope of our renovations and to date have already received almost $700,000 of the $771,785 pledged!

On January 4, 2018 we broke ground on phase 1, which is the new front entry, outdoor patio, and landscaping on the north side of our building. Phase 1 of the renovation was completed in March of 2018! Phase 2 began in early March of 2018 and included a new roof, international office suite, renovations to the pit, and updates to the classrooms on the east side of our building. Phase 2 of the renovation was completed mid-September of 2018!

None of this would have been possible without your support and many others. We are eternally grateful for your generosity and encouragement throughout this endeavor. Thank you for helping us reach today’s college student, while also equipping us to be prepared to reach college students 20 years from now!

The Wesley

Building Dedications

On November 17th, 2018, students, parents, alumni, donors and friends gathered at the Wesley Foundation to dedicate and pray over specific areas of the building.

Dedication of the International Office Suite:

During the last ten years we’ve gone from having five international students involved to nearly 200! Our new International Office Suite will allow our International Ministry to continue to grow and minister to others in a comforting space that they deserve. The International Office Suite was dedicated in Honor of Rev. Fuxia Wang by Chad and Tracy Ausburn. We are so thankful for Fuxia’s dedication, leadership and love for the Lord and this Ministry! She is constantly sharing the Gospel to people of many different countries and is creating disciples of Christ from around the World! The Wesley would not be the same without her and the joy she brings to this place!

Dedication of the Outdoor Patio:

Every day, several thousand students walk and drive past The Wesley. Our building sits at the gateway to the campus. Our new Outdoor Patio was dedicated in honor of Rev. Daniel and Mindy Dennison and their family by the Wesley Board of Directors. Rev. Daniel Dennison served the Wesley in many different capacities including, student leadership, internships, Associate Director and eventually serving as the Executive Director. The Wesley will never forget the 19 years of guidance, passion, friendship and servanthood that Rev. Dennison and his family gifted the Wesley. Rev. Dennison laid an incredible foundation for which this ministry has continued to grow on and we are glad our building reflects the legacy he and his family have left here!

Dedication of the Kitchen:

Food is the way to the soul. Whether it is a Tuesday night dinner before Wesley Worship, or a homemade meal for students that attend our English as a Second Language Class, the kitchen at the Wesley has served thousands of students on OU’s Campus. The Wesley kitchen was dedicated in loving memory of Loyle and Velma Miller. We are incredibly thankful for this opportunity to continue to bless students through our kitchen!


Building the Future for Community:

Every day more than 100 students walk through our doors. This project will give us a modern and appealing place for students to gather and build relationships that will impact them for life. The next leader or new disciple will happen because they found a community here. The vast majority of our experience is centered in this space.


Building the Future for Stewardship:

None of these other projects will matter if we can’t protect them with a new roof and surround them with fresh paint, carpet, lighting and landscaping. In addition to our four major projects, we have a list of smaller projects that we need to accomplish in order to freshen the building and preserve it for the next generation of students. 

Be a Part of Building the Future

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our initial stretch goal of $700,000! While the public phase of our capital campaign is over, it is never too late to help support this endeavor. Like with any construction project on a 60 year old building, we anticipate some unexpected overages. Likewise, most experts have told us to expect 5-10% of our pledged money to not come in. In order to account for these two contingencies, we hope to raise an additional $50,000!

Your Part: There are many ways you can participate in Building The Future. Click below to make a pledge.

Thank you to all of our Donors!

Reese Allen
Mark & Vickie Anderson
St. Andrews UMC (OKC)
Chad & Tracy Ausburn
Jim & Kelli Babin
Brian Bakeman
Diane & Marion Bauman
Herschel Beard
Steve & Ginny Beene
Loyd & Judy Benson
Floyd Bergen
Mickey & Elizabeth Berry
Paul Berryman
Graeme Biggs
OKUMC Board of Higher Education
Estella Boevers
Don & Carla Bowen
Freda Bretz
Brick & Pam Briggs
Brian & Alicia Britt
Michelle Brosi
Mike Browning
Jon & Kelli Bryan
Robert Burns
Doug & Daphne Burr
Jay Butler
Rick Byrd
Tanya Case
Clyde Chestnutt
David & Melissa Cleveland
April Coates
Lori & Rex Cornelsen
John Crooch
Ron & Karen Cunningham
Kalynn Dean

Richard Dennis
Roger & Susan Dennison
Daniel & Mindy Dennison
Tom & Judy DeSalme
Heartland District of the OKUMC
Zach Dufran
Marvin & Barbara Eck
Colt Edwards
Clayton Fain
Gloria Jean Fenn
Marc & Jennifer Fleischer
Woodworth Foundation
Otto & Edith Frank
Becky Franklin
Gary Frost
Chris & Sam Garner
Hugh & Marilyn Gouldy
Rick Green
Linda & Ralph Harker
Nathan & Haley Harkins
John & Lisa Henthorne
Marty & Marcy Howerton
Brad Humphrey
Wes & Beth Humphrey
Roger Hurt
Basil James
Daniel Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson
Staci & Jerel Johnson
Jason & Edwina Johnston
Chad Jongeling
Tom Junk
Sam Kerr
Sharyl Kinney
Duane & Judy Kranz

Jim Shields
Bill Short
Mr. & Mrs. RL Simpson
Robert St. John
Fred & Norma Staker
Bob Staples
Jayson Stock
CrossRoads Sunday School Class
Two in One Sunday School Class
Searchers Sunday School Class
Paul & Sue Swenson
Greg & Judy Tener
Brett Thomasson
Nick & Jennifer Thompson
Teresa Thompson
Cydni Tillery
Victoria Ting
Greg & Hadley Tolle
Ryan & Keri Trevino
McFarlin UMC (Norman)
Donald Verbick
John & Jennifer Verbick
Sean & Melissa Walker
Fuxia Wang
Bob & Carol Warner
David & Christie Watson
David & Lisa Welch
Jerry & Trudy White
Martha White
Robbie & Ben White
Margaret Williams
Grant & Lauren Wilson
Gary & Jackie Wilson
Ryan & Hillary Woody

James Lambert
Mariann Lawson
Gary LeRock
Tom Leydorf
Alissa Lindsey
Don & Leslie Long-Wheeler
Lauren Ludwig
St. Luke’s UMC (OKC)
MaryLou Mahaffey
Rosalie Maltby
Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation
Glenn Millard
David Miller
Jola Milligan
Jane & Kent Mitchell
Bryan & Charlotte Mitchell
Randy & Helen Mitchell
Jeannie & Charles Morgan
David Mullins
Dorothy Na-Yemeh
James & Mary Nunn
Tim & Tara Ogden
James Parker
David Patterson
Dave & Ginger Pullin
Carl Renfro
Michael & Karen Riley
Joe Rodgers
Lauren Russ
Stephanie Russ
Joe & Beverly Sanders
Pat Schonwald
Scott & Pam Schuerman